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Drybrushing is a simple and effective skincare ritual to keep your skin smooth, bright and firm. Dry brush massage helps to remove dead cells from the skin surface, activates blood circulation and lymph flow. You can do it at home, you do not need any specific education. All you require is to follow some rules and to arm yourself with a high-quality massage brush – just the one YOZHIK offers.

All our brushes are made of high quality beechwood. It is durable and lightweight material. The brush blocks are treated with mastic based on beeswax and linseed oil. This gives the wood extra smoothness and also extends service life.

We use mostly natural material for stuffing.

Tampico is a vegetable fiber. It also called “Mexican cactus” whereas, in fact, it is made from Agave leaves. It is quite firm, and it is great for exfoliation. If you already have experience in drybrushing, we definitely recommend the brush with tampico fiber. It is also nice to know that this is replenishable and biodegradable material.

Natural boar bristle is much softer than tampico. We recommend this type of brushes if your skin is sensitive of you are a beginner – mild bristle will help the skin to get used to the procedure.

Our preference is definitely natural materials, but in some of YOZHIK body brushes we use synthetic filament (POLYPROPYLENE). We do so to be able to offer affordable solutions to our customers. Having said that, we also have to mention that some specialists recommend using synthetic as they find it more hygienic (due to being less porous).  As for firmness, polypropylene is medium level (between tampico and boar bristle).


Once you are clear with the type of material you want your brush with, find the right shape and size for you. We divided our assortment into size classes – very similar to clothes, so that it would be easier for customers to navigate.


Brushes with handle:

XL are the brushes with the widest massage surface (width = 8 cm) and with a long handle – total brush length is 39 cm.

L is also 39 cm long, but narrower – 7 cm

M - medium sized brushes, width 6 cm, length 29 cm.


Oval brushes (which we call “compact”) have the same size range but withut a handle:

XL – 16 x 8 cm

L – 15,5 x 7 cm

M – 13,5 x 6 cm

Size and shape are absolutely a question of individual preference - so we invite you to browse through our catalogue to choose your brush!

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