About us and our products

YOZHIK is a Russian brand of brushes made of wood. YOZHIK offers brushes for you, your home and your pets.


What stands behind YOZHIK?


10 YEARS of expertise in brushes production, learning technologies and best  practices, development and growth.





ECO is our principle. Natural and sustainable raw materials are at the heart of our production.

Here’s how we implement this approach:

We use beech wood – dense, firm, with beautiful texture and variable in shades and tints.

Non-toxic compound – mastic made of beeswax and linen oil. This mixture adds smoothness, silky finish and prolongs lifetime of the product.

Organic materials: Tampico (Agave Lechuguilla) fiber, coconut fiber, boar, hoarse, goat and cow hair.

Recycled polypropylene – we use if for our household brushes.  

Boxes which we use for packaging are made of recycled non-bleached cardboard.

For transportation we need to use stretch film, and recently we started purchase of recycled material.

We take measures to reduce amount of waste and found partners who use cuttings and sawdust from our production. Even if wood is biodegradable and recoverable resource, we make efforts to maximize the use of every tiny piece we have at hand. 


TEAM of skillful and inventive people

They are constantly in search for new ideas and techniques. They know wood and other raw materials, they feel mechanisms. They are passionate about what they do and they always strive to deliver best products.


YOZHIK is eager to become your assistant in taking care of your everyday life. Click here to discover our assortment.

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