YOZHIK Gua Sha Massage Facial Tool

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Gua Sha massage facial tool is one of the hype items these days.

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese technique of massaging the face and body with a scraper. This is a unique therapeutic and prophylactic method, diverse in its effects.

The name of the technique consists of two characters - 刮痧. The first hieroglyph - 刮 - means "to scrape". The second - 痧 - "negative energy" or "disease".

Massage with a scraper using the gua sha technique encourages lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Guasha also helps facial muscles to relax. This technique reduces the appearance of wrinkles, eliminates puffiness, improves skin tone and firmness.

Guasha scrapers are made from natural materials - bone, stones, wood. You can always take this lightweight and compact massage tool with you.

YOZHIK Gua sha facial tool is made of beech wood, treated with mastic based on beeswax and linseed oil, which gives the wood extra smoothness and also increases its service life.

Due to the natural qualities of the wood, each piece may differ in color and texture. 

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