Quality control

Brush manufacturing is a complex process where manual and automatic operations are combined. Wood cutting and milling, tufts setting? laser engraving require precision, machines are adjusted for each model and type of raw material by experienced operators. As a result of the automation of these operations, deviations in the dimensions of the brushes are minimal. But not only machines "follow" the parameters of products, the sharp eyes and sensitive hands of our specialists are always on guard.


It is amazing how many people touch the brush before it reaches you. The wood comes through a complex technological process which is led by our partners’ team in Krasnodar region. From there the wooden bricks which are brushes-to-be start their way to the consumers.

The bricks (literally, wooden parallelepipeds) arrive to our plant and are sorted by their specification. Then the first person to take one out of the pile and start processing comes – his task is to cut excess wood to make milling easier. Then the piece of woods gets to milling copying machine – it is where the block gets its final shape. The operator puts the wood in and gets the block out and piles it into the box – so he holds every piece in hands twice. After that the box of wooden blocks travels to waxing – there is a tumbling drum filled with our special mastic made from linseed oil and beeswax. The blocks are put inside and while the drum is rotating, they are soaked in this specific substance which makes them smoother and protects from dust and water. When the waxing is over, the operator takes the blocks out and puts in boxes.

Then the blocks go to the next machine where the bristles are set and trimmed to the length according to the specification. The process is automated but it requires a person to put the block into the carriage and take ready brush out. The other person puts the cotton cord, ties a knot and puts the brush into the box. When the box is full, it is marked with a sticker and sent to the warehouse where the products are stored.

When we get an order, the product is sent to laser engraving. Each brush is adjusted on the plate of laser-cutting machine so that the logo looks great. Then the finished product is carefully placed into the box and is ready to travel to the customer.


As in any mass production, it is almost impossible to guarantee 100% quality. However, what we can do and what we actually do is – to monitor and check the product on every stage. Missing tuft, uneven trim, a major crack – all will be noticed and the brush will either be sent to finetuning or to defective goods. And if, despite all efforts, the customer gets a product which does not fully satisfy, we will accept comments and exchange with a flawless brush. At the end, happy consumer is our primary concern.

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