When we say 'eco-friendly' we mean that the materials we use are mostly organic and bio-degradable. And yes, we use some synthetic materials where a product requires certain characteristics such as durability and resilience - primarily recycled as we understand how critical is the amount of plastic waste on our planet.  


Beechwood - dense and light, with a beautiful texture and various shades


Linseed oil in mastic protects the wooden block from moisture


Beeswax in mastic prevents oxidation of linseed oil


Тampico fiber made of Mexican agave leaves is known for its  great abrasive characteristics


Coconut fiber is used in cleaning brushes. It is resistant to decay and can be used on moist surfaces.


Cotton threads are used for rope loops for storing brushes



Boar and domestic pig bristles - classic stuffing material for many types of brushes. 


Horse hair from the tail or mane is soft, elastic. Suitable for brushes for delicate items.


Goat hair - for  products that require a particularly soft hair




Recycled synthetic fiber (PET or PP). What once used to be bottles, cans, food packaging.  Rigid and durable. 



  Recycled paper - that's what our cartons are made from
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